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Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) crown is tried-and-true traditional restorations that provides strength and durability. The PFM may be an ideal restoration for difficult and complex situations that require precision attachments, or high strength in saturation with minimal clearance.

Types of alloys

High noble | Precious. (Yellow, White)

These alloys have over 60% gold, platinum and/or palladium content. High noble metal is one of the easiest alloys to adjust. Yellow gold high noble metal offers the best aesthetics over any other PFM restoration. We offer FPM crowns in both yellow and white gold high noble restorations.

Noble | Semi-precious. (Yellow, White)

These alloys have over 25% noble metal (gold, platinum, palladium) content. Noble metal crowns offer a more hypoallergenic restoration over base metal crowns at a more affordable cost over high noble crowns.

Base | Non-precious. (White)

Contains less than 25% noble metal. Base metal alloys are considered to be the most economical PFM restorations. Many base metal alloys contain nickel, chrome, and/or beryllium mixtures.

Chrome Cobalt

These alloys have high specific strength and are commonly used in dental and orthopedic implants. Due to excellent resistant properties, biocompatibility, high melting point and incredible strength at high temperatures, Co-Cr alloys in general are used in the manufacturing of many artificial joints including hips and knees, dental bridge work and among many others.


The advanced gold coping material is proven to reduce the accumulation of harmful bacteria at the gum line by 90% compared to natural tooth. The infusion of platinum and palladium into gold produces an extremely dense and strong coping. High bond strength between porcelain and Captek gold reduces fractures. Captek gold does not oxidize eliminating the black or gray margins of traditional PFM. The warm gold color of Captek’s understructure used to produce the gold copings provides natural light dispersion.